Over The Top


Consumers are quickly getting used to TV anywhere anytime thanks to the performance of mobile platforms and internet penetration accompanied with enough bandwidth to distribute audio and video content. IMS research estimates that revenues from the sale of OTT subscriptions will be USD 32 billion over the next 5 years.



Outsourcing services focused on development and management of multi-platform digital audience through the production and distribution of audiovisual content. Creating a new source of revenue through advertising or subscription base for the relevant type of audience at time and location specified. Relying on social media for promotion and interactivity.
Creation of Branded Channels: The identity of these channels are raised about the brand and the content is designed based on this.The idea is to establish a direct connection between brand and content, in which the brand has in its channel, content that your audience wants.
Creation of thematic Channels: These channels are designed around a target audience based on psychographic characteristics of interest, geographic, etc.The channel can be generalist or thematic. A general entertainment channel has generally combining information, varieties, and fiction. The thematic channel will target a specific niche and framed within a particular taste.