Artefacto Lab

It is an art the one who sells, the one who surprises. But coming up with something simple and edgy at the same time is a challenging task. It is the art of putting into practice a number of skills. It is a sequence of trials and errors to get that a successful formula for any project that comes. Selling what you want and to whom you want to convince.
You know where you should move at the right time, where to say it, to whom to say it, why to say it and how to say it.
It is our interest to help your brand, product and service to reach the maximum level. In ARTEFACTO Lab, everything goes through a process and it takes time planning and testing.
In ARTEFACTO Lab, we create and design ideas that blend with the technology to provide solutions with a high-class style.

Current projects:

Internet of Things
Evolving from M2M. We are working on testing different approaches to introduce new microcomputers to our solutions that will help us to reach higher levels of user interactivity and to gather more data by making smart devices.
Augmented Reality
We are testing different AR features on mobile and web apps to include them in our solutions. We are using markers and Geo location as triggers. Always looking to mix art and thecnology.