Social Media Services

Social networks have become the meeting place for millions of people; it is the public square, the bar, the club, in which experiences, discoveries and recommendations are given and shared. It is the place to seek ideas about countless topics. Obviously, any service or product would like to be there with its own voice (because it is very likely that your product or service is already there, but the community members talk, issuing opinions for or against, without any control).
Rather than the traditional unidirectional way that brands communicate with their users and consumers, social networks are bidirectional, buyers say, ask, comment, create, attack or defend and brands must be prepared for that dynamics.
Our experience in advertising and marketing is available to those brands who want to take advantage of their presence on social networks while minimizing trial and error and learning curve to this. We have created several service modules, in order to offer our customers the opportunity to cover the different aspects that involves the presence of your brand on social networks.

Service Modules:

Online User Profile:

This document creates a picture of your online brand consumer by balancing the target consumer that comes from your marketing strategies with the real consumer that is in social network, based on the parameters that your brand is looking for.

Strategic guidelines:

Any activity related to your brand must have a strategic guideline setting out the goals to be achieved, and through these guidelines defining the ways to achieve the goals.
Our proposed Strategic Guidelines includes 5 essential steps to contain any social networking strategy: Listen, Set the Concept, Make Proposals, Media and Performance Indicators.

Creative Strategic Proposal (Brand Handbook):

The document is a deeper version of the previous document, specifying all aspects that enable our customers to directly manage their social networks by creating a detailed communication plan.

Social Networks Maintenance and Monitoring:

We make here the distinction between the two existing levels in the market; we refer to Maintenance by us managing the conversation, according to the approved brand handbook; and monitoring, we offer our advice when customers directly manage their social networks, making observations and recommendations to optimize their presence and conversation.
In both cases, periodic reports on the activities of our clients in social networks are issued with our recommendations based on predetermined indicators.